Health & Safety Consultancy

With more than a decade of health and safety practice in the oil and gas industry, it is our desire to put our experience to the service of our communities, offering a competitive, tailor-made and professional support for various health safety and environmental matters. We can provide specialized health and safety management support services to various industries including construction, energy, health care, manufacturing, transport.


Our consultancy package ranges from short term assignments to longer (6 months – 1 year). A dedicated team can be allocated to your organization to help with any aspect of your operations in regards to:

Work Safety Audits

A workplace safety audit will identify key areas that may need immediate attention and we will work with you to implement health and safety improvement plans and initiatives.

Risk & Impact Assessment

Risk impact assessment is the process of assessing the probabilities and consequences of risk events if they are realized. The results of this assessment are then used to prioritize risks to establish a most-to-least-critical importance ranking.

HS&E Management System Implementation

An Health and Safety Management System (HSE) is a coordinated and systematic approach to managing health and safety risks. HSE help organisations to continually improve their safety performance and compliance to health and safety legislation and standards.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process of evaluating the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project or development, taking into account inter-related socio-economic, cultural and human-health impacts, both beneficial and adverse.


Our training and development ranges from Health & Safety Courses, Safety Training Initiatives, Programs & Initiatives, Leadership Training Courses. Choose from the tabs below to learn more on each course.

  • Manual Handling Techniques
  • Basic Health and Safety Training package
    • Fire safety
    • Electrical safety
    • Back safety
    • Emergency response training
    • Malaria awareness training
    • Hazards identification and reporting
    • Office ergonomics
  • Chemical Safety Training Course
  • Managing stress Training Course
  • Working at Height
      • Working at Height Training Course
      • Harness Safety Training Course
  • Fire Emergency Training
    • Fire Extinguisher Training Course
    • Fire Warden Training Course
    • Emergency Response Team Training
  • First Aid Training
    • Basic First Aid Training Course (AED Defibrillator Training Course)
    • Advanced First Aid training Course
  • Machinery Vehicle Safety Training
    • Forklift Training Course
    • Defensive driving for Light vehicles
  • Home Safety
    • Electrical Safety
    • Fire Prevention
    • Home Safety Devices
    • Your Home Electrical System
  • Workplace Safety
    • Industry Codes & Regulations
    • Standards & Best Practices
    • Electrical Safety Self-Assessment
    • Construction safety hazards
  • Kids Safety
    • Be Smart About Fire & Electrical Safety
    • Elementary Educational Resources
      • Fire Prevention Week
      • Seasonal Safety
        • J months
        • Distractions at work
        • Stress
        • Holiday Safety
        • Fatigue

      Resource Library


There isn’t any better way to implement your health, safety and environmental management system than to empower your front line managers to effectively lead their teams. Leadership requires natural pre-dispositions, but with strategic knowledge and additional soft skills any person in a supervisory role can improve the way they manage people, and situations, to inspire their team towards a good health safety and environmental culture.

That is where we intervene. We have the knowledge and the resources to build your team and inculcate the notions of teamwork, accountability and creativity in their everyday interactions.  Pick any of the trainings we provide in the list below and request for further information.

  • Effective communication
  • Time management
  • Enhancing supervisors’ leadership skills
  • Enhancing Managers’ leadership skills
  • Interdependency is safe

Our trainings can be organized as follow:

  • Training at your location (participants number is a maximum of 8)
  • Training at our location (participants number is a minimum of 10 & maximum of 12)

Let us know what your needs are and we will suggest tailor-made training packages for you and your employees


This is a course that endeavors to help you understand whats required for the best safety in any given construction project.

An Overview of this course will help you to understand

Personal protective equipment

Facility maintenance & safety equipment

Storage & secondary containment

First aid kits

Vehicle tool kits

What people who have worked with us have to say

James Murithi

Since we hired Safety Guard we have seen great improvements in our general operations. Our staff has been able to greatly benefit from the amazing advice of this company and we have received great recognition for our healthy and safety procedures.

James MurithiEast African Portland CementEast African Portland Cement
Angelica Owuor

Simply amazing from the start to the finish! We were able to learn vital advice to help our operations and also consider the safety as we construct new projects. Most definetly to recommend A+++!!

Angelica OwuorCEO Kaydee ConstructionsMedia Wiki
Geoffery Kipsang

Most companies today don’t know the vital importance of the safety of its staff but Safety Guard was able to explain and consult this to us in the most professional manner. Our care and concern for these health and safety tips has made the workplace even better for us to be more productive. We are glad to have them assist us to do better for all!

Geoffery KipsangCEO Bamburi CementMax Mobilcom
Stephen Mwanzia

As a Mining company our operations can prove dangerous to our staff or even the public. By looking at the health and safety procedures outlined we have now made sure all our operations are secure and safe towards our employees and the general public. All this is because of the great consultation of Safety Guard!

Stephen MwanziaCEO Athi River MinningDoom Inc